Since 1997 Southwest Avian Solutions has helped over 18,000 residential and commercial properties in Arizona achieve freedom from the mess, health hazards and image associated with pigeon and pest bird infestations.
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Our Bird-Free Guarantee

Southwest Avian Solutions guarantees all their bird exclusion work and the bird deterrents we install for 1 – 3 – 5 years or as stated in our PDF emailed quote against the targeted pest birds from nesting or roosting.

Our bird free guarantee of course does not cover unprotected locations on you home or business not addressed by Southwest Avian Solutions, now or in the future, from un-wanted birds moving into those locations.

Our Bird Control Services

Since 1997 Southwest Avian Solutions has been pigeon and pest bird-proofing Arizona structures like;

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Freeway Underpasses
  • Gas Station Canopies
  • Cooling Towers
  • Billboards
  • Parking Garages
  • Casinos
  • Libraries
  • Multi-story Buildings
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Solar Panels – Residential and Commercial

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Read some of the 5 Star Reviews from our Happy Customers


Thank you for your installation of the pigeon control elements around our home! Joseph was a wonderful instructor of answering every question that I asked!! He was very honest and forthright and even climbed upon our roof with our permission to measure our issue—something that two of your competitors did not even do??!! We have not heard any more pigeon “cooing” around the front door—YEAH!! Please keep up your great work and I will recommend your firm every time that I am able!

Linna K

It’s very comforting to know you are there for us, I so appreciate your help today with our bird problems.

Josh H

Since you cleaned off my roof, closed off the overhangs of my house and installed the pigeon control shock track on our roof peaks we have been pigeon free.

Helix N

Just a note of Thanks for the thorough and professional job Steve did on our home today and Jeff did with his estimate and explaining it to us yesterday.

Martin G

I’m very glad I contacted your company and I will highly recommend Southwest Avian Solutions. I appreciate your crew, their attitude and their skills.

Karen S

They did a great job from the estimate to the finish. Since the work has been completed, we haven't had any pigeon problems. They installed mesh screening to match the house, and you can only see it if you are...

Mendo G

Thought we had a chirpy birdy and a woodpecker under our roof, up in the chimney! Quick service, thorough roof check and all clear given! Were we sold un-needed screens? NO, just yell up into the chimney! Fast service, professional...

Kari L

I hated the flying rats that were living on my roof top. They were dirty and the messy droppings were running down my roof on to my walkway where we walked into the house everyday. My bug man knew of...

Expert Services From Trained Professionals

Got bugs or termites, call a pest control company.

But when you need a bird control company, call the Arizona bird control specialists at Southwest Avian Solutions.

Since 1997 the bird control specialists at Southwest Avian Solutions have the experience you would expect after reading our reviews to provide you with humane, discreet, and guaranteed pigeon removal and bird control solutions in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona as we have done to over 17,500 structures.

Our crew of specialists are Bird barrier, Flock Off, Avitrol and Bird–B-Gone certified pigeon and bird control specialists, many with 5 – 20+ years experience and thousands of hours of hands on experience in residential and commercial bird control work.

Pigeon and sparrow fight for food

Did you know?

Phoenix pigeons poop 47 - 51 times per day, which clog roof drains, and the droppings will damage your car’s paint finish.

Pest pigeons on roof top making a mess

Designing and installing bird and pigeon deterrents and long-lasting custom-designed bird control solutions since 1997.

We have the most effective and long-lasting methods of control designed to physically exclude the birds from their preferred roosting surface.


What to expect after you contact Southwest Avian Solutions:

  1. We will need your basic information, bird problem details, and email address.
  2. We can do an inspection when you are there or not there since its outside.
  3. Your inspector will use a ladder to access the roof and inspect your building bird problem areas.
  4. The inspector will take pictures of the problem areas and combine them with the detailed text information on his tablet for your inspection report.
  5. Upon inspection completion, you will receive an email detailing your bird solutions along with pictures, products we use, bird information, guarantees, time, and cost to birdproof the problem areas.
  6. Email or call our office Monday – Saturday to schedule your guaranteed bird proofing service.

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We are a local based Arizona family-owned bird control company that takes pride in protecting your home or business with long-lasting deterrents against pigeon control or bird control problems.

It takes lots of training and hands on experience to properly install discrete, long lasting bird control deterrents that are humane, effective and look discrete on your property.

Schedule your FREE PROPERTY INSPECTION – Let us help solve your residential, commercial or solar panel pest bird control problems.

Our Pigeon Control Service Areas

Since 1997 Southwest Avian Solutions has bird proofed over 18,000 homes and businesses along with many different types of structures in Arizona.

We have pigeon proofed structures like industrial buildings, freeway underpasses, gas station canopies, cooling towers, billboards, parking garages, casinos, libraries, multi-story buildings, plane hangars, hospitals, apartments, and other structures where pest birds had been creating image problems, slip and fall hazards or liability problem, or health hazards.

We can help you to with our many guaranteed bird control products and deterrents so call now to schedule your Free Inspection to see how we can help send your pest birds pack’n.