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New Mexico

Commercial Pigeon Control and Bird Control Solutions In New Mexico

Non-native New Mexico birds such as pigeons, sparrows, and starlings were introduced into the United States a long time ago and since that time have become a real problem in New Mexico. These are pest birds, a fact you may now be learning if they are nesting or roosting on your NM business.

Got Problems With Pigeons or Pest Birds In New Mexico?

Did you know that pigeons poop 47 – 51 times a day? Pest bird and pigeon feces have been found to contain over 60 different diseases and 40 different parasites that could be passed to you, your loved ones, pets, clients, or employees. Pest birds on ledges and signs or droppings covering a sidewalk will send a message to visitors that the business is careless or does not care about its image or its visitors’ health. Not so cute now, are they?

While pigeon control and bird control in New Mexico is associated with the pest control industry, controlling pigeons and other pest birds throughout New Mexico, requires completely different tools, methods, equipment, and knowledge than general pest control services. Controlling pest birds is vastly different from controlling pests in NM such as ants, crickets, roaches, and termites.

Southwest Avian Solutions specializes in just one thing – developing and installing custom designed bird and pigeon control management solutions. We have flustered birds of all types such as pigeons, sparrows, barn swallows, crows, and more for many years with long lasting and discreet methods. Our solutions will humanely rid your NM business of pigeons and other pest birds whose droppings are creating rooftop water leaks, health concerns for you and others, image problems, and even slip and fall hazards to your employees, clients, or family and friends. Pigeon and bird poop that falls from roofs, ledges, and overhangs onto cars, walkways, and down the fronts of business signs cause all of these issues.

Services Below Are For Outside of Arizona

  • We can install just about any pigeon deterrent, bird deterrent, pigeon control product, or bird control product in NM.
  • Sub-Contracting Bird Control Services With Local Pest Control Companies
  • Commercial Bird Control Solutions
  • Commercial Solar Panel Pigeon Poop Cleaning (Surface and Below)
  • Commercial Solar Panel Pigeon and Bird Exclusion Screening or Netting
  • Architectural Plan Review & Bird Control Problem Consultation
  • OvoControl P – Pigeon Birth Control
  • Bird Control Hazing Systems For Open Air Spaces, Warehouses, and Hangars

In New Mexico we can install any of the products from companies like: Bird Barrier America, Bird B Gone, Hot Foot America, Fly-Bye, Force Fog, Bird Buffer, Flock Free, OvoControl P, and many others.

We have a wide range of bird and pigeon removal or pigeon control solutions in NM such as pigeon or bird wire, pigeon deterrent spike, bird control net or pigeon control net, bird and pigeon removal screening, low voltage pigeon control shock track systems, live bird trapping solutions, and many other bird control or bird removal solutions to help get rid of your bird or pigeon problems.

Our certified bird control installers, many with 5 – 15+ years of experience, have been providing humane, discreet, and guaranteed pigeon control and bird proofing solutions to Arizona and New Mexico businesses, industrial buildings, and state and government buildings since 1997 with over 7000 projects completed by our Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone certified installers.

All of our installers are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified and have been trained in roof top fall protection and tie off methods to help keep them safe while working on your business.

Serving the Great State of New Mexico

Southwest Avian Solutions provides long-lasting, effective, guaranteed pigeon control and bird proofing solutions for bird problems for your business in New Mexico.

All of our workmanship is covered by our 3 – 5 year Bird Free Guarantee and most products we install are covered by a 1 – 5 year manufacturer warranty.