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About SW Avian Solutions

About Southwest Avian Solutions

Starting with a small loan of $25,000 at 21% interest in 1981, the owners started their general pest control services in Maricopa County, Arizona along with doing bird control, bee removal, and gopher control work under the name of Aaardvark Pest Control, Inc. We had routes all over Phoenix and the East Valley and grew to 15 employees until selling that business in 1997 to the largest pest management company in the world in order to concentrate on developing our new specialty services bird and bee control company called Arizona Wings N’ Stings.

From 1997 to 2014 Arizona Wings N’ Stings provided bird control solutions to residential and commercial properties, as well as bee removal services, all over Phoenix and Maricopa County. We quickly became one of only a few companies in the entire Southwest that specialized in pigeon and pest bird problems. We also provided services such as bee removal and bat exclusion.

Group picture of Sw Avian Solutions crewAs we grew it became apparent that the pigeon and bird control work had become 95% of the business focus. At the same time many other pest control companies in the valley were starting to offer bee removal work for cheaper and cheaper prices until you can now find bee removal services for as low as $50.00 – $75.00 which was not profitable for us and, we find it hard to imagine, profitable for these other companies.

After 17 years of doing thousands of bird control projects and bee removal jobs with a great name like Arizona Wings N’ Stings, we decided that we needed to reorganize our company priorities and change our name again to better reflect what we do day in and day out. So in March of 2014 Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC, a bird solutions specialty company was born, providing humane pigeon control and pest bird control solutions to homes and businesses all over Arizona and some surrounding southwestern states.

Every Job is Different

After more than 36 years in the bird, bee, and pest control business, we have learned a great deal through training provided by our suppliers, membership in the Nation Pest Management Association, and the Arizona Pest Professional Organization. However, our real training comes from hundreds of thousands of man-hours doing both hands on field work and experimental application work. We’ve used many different bird proofing, bird exclusion, and bird deterrent materials and methods to find out what looks good and what will hold up to the Arizona heat for the varying structures and situations here in Arizona.

We do not subscribe to fast cures, gimmicks, or a one-method-fits-all approach to pigeon and bird control. No matter how big or small a project is we look at each bird problem with an open mind and, based on our extensive knowledge and experience, try to analyze what is going on. Why are the birds in this location? What can be done to effectively stop the pest bird problem? How can we make this as discreet as possible? Only then will we recommend what we feel will work the best for your pest bird problems and your budget.

SW Avian Solutions Crew with vans 2022All of our installers have gone through the Bird Barrier and/or the Bird B Gone Certified installers training classes to gain valuable knowledge about the many different bird deterrent and bird repellent products these companies offer and have attended hands on training classes to learn how to correctly install them.

You can count on Southwest Avian Solution estimators and installers to show up in GPS equipped company vehicles, uniformed, fully trained, and with the experience to do the job right the first time.

The manufactures of different bird control deterrents sometimes make claims that don’t hold up to our intense Arizona heat, so it takes experience and knowledge to use the right products that will give you the long lasting results you expect and have paid for. We only use the best bird and pigeon control products and materials.

Save time, energy, and money by contacting us to get your pigeon control or bird control work done right the first time. By hiring Southwest Avian Solutions, Arizona’s professional bird control specialists that guarantee the results, the workmanship, and the products we install with our Bird Free Guarantee, you can rest assured that your problem will no longer be a problem.

Fall Protection Safety on the Job

Fall protection is a big part of doing bird control work on any home or business, since we are always working where the birds are, which is up high.

In 2016 Southwest Avian Solutions brought in an OSHA training consultant to help develop our safety program which keeps our installers as safe as possible while working on your home or business.

All of the installers at Southwest Avian Solutions have gone through roof top safety training, roof top fall protection training, and have learned how to install the different roof top tie offs to keep them as safe as possible. This is why you will see our installers wearing fall protection body harnesses and you may see safety ropes, which they secure themselves, hanging down from your roof .

The OSHA 10 hour training class is mandatory for our installers and some have even completed the OSHA 30 hour training class, as well as receiving on site safety training for different types of residential roofs which is getting harder to find classes in with the Covid 19 going on.

As a side note, safety tie off attachments that the installers use on your roof may result in small holes which will be filled and sealed and the tiles will be placed back and attached where they were.

Utilizing properly applied roof top tie offs, secure ladder tie offs, and other OSHA required protection measures takes longer than simply leaning a ladder against the side of a house and climbing on the roof. The majority of bird control companies here in Arizona do their roof top bird work unsecured, without fall protection putting their installers at risk.

Some of these low price, unsafe companies can do their bird control work at lower prices than us by using low quality materials and putting their employees at risk of major injury from falling off the roof of your home or business just to save a few bucks. They are also risking large OSHA fines for not completing training in fall protection or using proper OSHA fall protection devices while at height.

Our employees are too important to us to not try and keep them safe while they do their job. It takes an additional 45 minutes – 2 hours to install and uninstall fall protection safety devices to keep them safe while they complete your bird work.

Please always ask any company giving you a quote if their employees use any sort of fall protection while working on your roof or if they have they done any OSHA fall protection training to keep their employees safe at height.

Quality Service & Guaranteed Results


    Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC means quality service – to provide our clients with effective, innovative, and long lasting solutions for their pigeon control, pigeon removal, or pest bird control problems.


    To have Southwest Avian Solutions regarded by both our clients and employees alike with appreciation and caring for being trustworthy, honest, and able to effectively solve all of our clients pigeon control or bird control problems.


    Do it right the first time, on time, every time, even when no one is watching which in most of the time. We are always accountable to our clients, peers, and ultimately to God in all things that we say and do.


    We get called on to be professional problem solvers. The client is entitled to be satisfied with the looks and the end results of all our work.

Areas of Interest

  • Is an Arizona family owned and operated business.
  • Former owners of Aaardvark Pest Control, Inc. from 1981 – 1997
  • Former owners of Arizona Wings N’ Stings, LLC from 1997 – 2014
  • Owner has been an invited speaker at local and national pest control conferences to provide training on pigeon control and bird control
  • Full time employees, not independent contractors (who can sue you if they get hurt working on your property without some form of workers compensation insurance)
  • Employees are paid by the hour not by the job ensuring the job is done right the first time
  • Installers are fall protection certified by OSHA
  • Installers are certified by Bird Barrier and/or Bird B Gone
  • Better Business Bureau Program Member
  • Zero complaints filed with Better Business Bureau, we have an A+ Rating
  • Zero complaints filed with Structural Pest Control Commission in over 35 years of doing pest, bee, and bird control work
  • Department of Agriculture – Arizona Office of Pest Management (OPM) Licensed #5474

Since 1998 we have serviced over 7,000 homes, businesses, and many different and unusual types of structures such as:

Industrial buildings – Freeway underpasses – Gas station canopies – Cooling towers

Billboards – Parking garages – Casinos in Arizona & Las Vegas – Libraries

Commercial Multi-story Buildings – Warehouses – Hangars – Hospitals – Apartments

And many other different types of structures where pigeons and other types of pest birds had become a liability problem by creating slip and fall hazards, health hazards, or were creating a poor image for the business or home owner.

For payment we accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card & American Express Cards.

Payment is due upon completion of our bird control or pigeon control work.