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Pigeon removal services

We are a Pigeon and Bird Control Company

Our Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone certified pest bird control installers, many with 5 – 15 + years of experience, have been providing humane, discreet, and guaranteed pigeon removal deterrents and pest bird control solutions to Arizona homes, businesses, industrial buildings, state and government buildings throughout Arizona with over 18,000 projects completed since 1997 by our Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone certified installers.


Most all of our installers are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified and have been trained in lift, ladder, roof top fall protection and tie off methods to help keep them safe while working on your home or business.


Southwest Avian Solutions can handle pest bird problems on all types of buildings and structures. Our knowledge about bird behaviors has been developed over many years and the experience of bird proofing thousands of structures, building construction knowledge, understanding of environmental sensitivity issues.


All our pigeon removal service specialists take immense pride in their workmanship providing long lasting and humane solutions which make us the right choice for all your Arizona bird control needs.

Call Now, Put An End To Your Bird Control Problems

We offer a quality, long lasting and guaranteed pigeon control or bird removal service.

We are reasonably priced, provide contact-less inspections which is sent to your email before we leave. 


Due to our many years of experience, Southwest Avian Solutions can offer very competitive prices for your home, office, or structure’s bird control problems without compromising integrity or quality, backed by our 3 – 5 year Bird-Free Guarantee.


Don’t wait any longer, call Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC. Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM at 602-942-6550 or 480-969-2337 to schedule your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, ONSITE CONSULTATION.


We can solve your pigeon or pest bird problems with our many different discreet bird deterrents. Bird proofing your residential or commercial property will help you finally put an end to all the hassle, mess, and health issues caused by your pest birds or pigeons on your home or business.