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Bird Pest Control Phoenix

Birds are Beautiful and Pests – Phoenix, AZ

Pest pigeons on roof top making a mess

Birds are beautiful creatures but many people are unaware that birds can also be considered pests.  Some of the common bird species officially considered “pest birds” are pigeons, sparrows, and starlings.  This designation allows for control via lethal or non-lethal methods.  Whereas other bird species are considered “nuisance wildlife” and fall under different regulations as designated by their species.

Regardless, Southwest Avian Solutions, of Phoenix, only practices safe, humane, non-chemical bird control that relies on exclusion and other non-chemical bird-control methods.  We prefer mostly non-chemical bird pest control methods, for Phoenix properties, such as bird exclusion (“bird-proofing”) because it is a safer, better, more permanent, and more environmentally responsible method to control birds.  Bird proofing provides safe, long-lasting control with zero risks of accidentally poisoning non-target birds or other wildlife.

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When Do Birds Become Pests?

Birds become a nuisance when they present a physical or health hazard, including property damage.  Unchecked bird infestations damage and deface buildings, awnings, cars, and trucks with their droppings.  The damage is due to the acidic makeup of the white portion of the droppings.

Other problems caused by bird infestations:

  • Mechanical breakdowns and fires when feathers clog cooling fans and ducts in air conditioners or other mechanical equipment.
  • Unsanitary conditions from nests. Birds have over 40 parasites, some of which can transmit serious diseases.
  • Diseases – Bird droppings contain germs that cause several serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and avian flu.

Southwest Avian Solutions Bird Pest Control for the Phoenix Area

We are proud to be the leading provider of bird pest control for Phoenix and the surrounding area.  Southwest Avian Solutions provides safe, humane, non-lethal, long-lasting bird control.

Front of home with pigeon problemWe service all types of locations, both residential and commercial, including single-family homes, condominiums, hotels and motels, parking garages, malls, and department stores, etc.  Anywhere congregating birds create a nuisance or health hazard.

We are Not Bird Exterminators

No, we are not “bird exterminators.”  We use long-lasting, non-chemical, environmentally-sound bird control methods that are kind to both the birds and your budget.  Our exclusion-based bird pest control services consist of:

  • Repelling birds with non-lethal devices like bird spikes, which annoy the birds into flying somewhere else, but do not injure them.
  • Repairing any holes, gaps, and other openings that allow the birds to get into the building.
  • Using netting or screening to seal birds out of attics, mechanical spaces, church steeples, and so forth.
  • Sometimes, we trap and release birds who are too stubborn to leave the building on their own. Thus, preventing them from getting sealed inside the building.
  • After bird-removal and bird-proofing, our technicians clean up the mess.

Phoenix Bird Control Services

Not every bird control situation is the same, therefore each one must be evaluated in person.  One of our bird removal experts can provide an on-site consultation to determine and recommend the best course of action for your Phoenix commercial or residential property.  Do not let the birds of Phoenix take over your home or office.

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