Unfortunately, birds carry disease, many diseases. Birds can carry more than 60 different types, some very serious, life-threatening, communicable diseases such as histoplasmosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, E. coli, and many others you’ve likely never even heard of.

What Should You Look For?

The first step is understanding the health risks posed by nuisance birds. Bird infestations should be evaluated situation by situation.

A single pigeon sitting on a lamppost isn’t a cause for alarm; the problem is an entire flock of pigeons continually perching on your rooftop air ducts. Nests and droppings around vents, evidence of birds near food production sites, and large quantities of droppings in enclosed spaces all present a potential health risk and require action.

Removing the birds is a good beginning, but the area must be cleaned and disinfected to eliminate the health risk.

What’s the Solution?

Southwest Avian Solution is Arizona’s leading provider of bird control solutions. We possess the experience, tools, and information required to keep your property safe from nuisance birds and their potential health risks. We’ll help you develop a plan to drive birds away and keep your space safe and healthy.

Our effective and humane bird control solutions include:

Physical Bird Deterrents – Examples of humane bird deterrents are spikes, electric tracks, bird slopes, and bird spiders to prevent birds from gathering on treated surfaces. To be effective, the deterrent must be feasible with the surface and area.

Bird Netting – Bird netting is a guaranteed method to block pest birds and is frequently used to exclude birds from signage, roofs, warehouses, loading docks, airplane hangars, and other semi-enclosed areas.

Bird Repellents – Bird repellents use a combination of sight, sound, smell, and light to scare birds away.

Trapping and Relocation – Trapping and physically removing birds is a good solution for high-traffic, enclosed areas where several birds are causing trouble. Traps filled with food and water are a humane way to capture birds for safe release away from your property.

A typical bird control plan will involve a creative strategic combination of bird control solutions to be effective. Working closely with the bird control professionals at Southwest Avian Solutions will develop and maintain a bird control program designed to keep your property safe from bird-associated health risks.

Don’t Wait, Take Action!

Get the help you need to evaluate your risks and create a plan. Don’t wait; start today! Southwest Avian Solutions offer free bird control consultations. If you’re interested in setting up a free consultation, complete our online form or call (602)942-6550 to set up an appointment.


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