Pigeon Control in Parking Garage

Pigeons In Parking Garages Are Problematic Pests

Do you have to deal with a pigeon control problem as a manager or maintenance personnel of a parking garage?

As a customer, how many times have you driven into a multi-story parking garage and pulled into an available parking spot, but as you move forward you notice all of the pigeon feces running down the ledge above the hood of your car as well as the walls and the on the ground you’re about to step onto?

Pigeons love parking garages, there is no denying it. Multi-story Parking garages provide protection from predators, protection from the hot summer sun, and communal nesting sites for all of the family members. The nice little 8″ deep concrete ledges, hanging lights, and signs throughout the garage provide pigeons with perfect nesting spots. The large wall openings allow easy access for pigeons to fly in and out all they want..

Pigeon control solutions for pigeons nesting inside a parking garage is not a quick, cheap fix.


The Best Pigeon Control Solution In A Parking Garage Is Always Exclusion

Pigeon netting installed around the side openings keeps pigeons out
Pigeon exclusion, through the use of pigeon netting, seems to provide the best long term solution to a parking garage pigeon problem.

Pigeon exclusion netting is the best method for greatly reducing the number of pigeons flying in an out of a parking garage. The key is to net off the large openings in the exterior walls of the parking structure.

Small cable anchors are inserted in small holes that are drilled into the wall every few feet around the large openings. A galvanized cable system run through the anchors, around the large openings, and bird proof netting is attached to the cable system. This type of pigeon control netting system is guaranteed for 5 years but may last much longer than that.

Another great option to help reduce the pigeon control problems is to eliminate the nesting sites on the recessed ledges.

Some companies that don’t know better have tried to use electrified shock track system running along all of the ledges or even bird spike that the pigeons can easily work their way past. These methods require maintenance and up keep.

Bird Slide or Bird Slope Is Another Option

Metal Ledge Slope to stop pigeons nestingMost stack type parking garages have hundreds of 54″ wide x 8″ deep ledges that the pigeon love to nest in. Eliminate the ledge space and the pigeons have no where to nest, thus the great majority will move to other nesting sites.

Eliminating the pigeon nesting ledges is fairly straight forward by using products like a cheap 4′ PVC grey plastic material called Bird Slide or Bird Slope. These products create a 45 degree slope on the entire parking garage ledge that pigeons can not land or stand on so they slide off. Extension pieces are often needed to ensure the full 8″ depth of the ledge is covered so the cost can be high.


At Southwest Avian Solutions, we like to make our own custom slides using sheet aluminum siding materials. We measure, cut, and bend the metal onsite or offsite so that each ledge is covered by one solid piece and the metal comes colored so it blends in.

Pigeons roosting and nesting in a parking garage can create huge messes, health and liability issues, slip and fall hazards, and image issues. Pigeons roosting or living in a multi-story parking garage is a real problem that should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Over the last 21 years Southwest Avian Solutions has been dealing with pigeon problems in and on all sorts of structures and buildings and we can help you too. Contact us today for a free onsite consultation and see how we can help send your pest birds pack’n!

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