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Pest Bird Netting Information

Below is some basic FYI information on Bird Control Netting that most people are not aware of.

Hanging 3/4" bird exclusion nettingSouthwest Avian Solutions has been installing bird netting on commercial and residential structures since 1997 and we have complete thousands of very large and lots of small projects as well using bird netting to exclude the pest birds for our clients.

Residential or Commercial bird netting products like Stealth Net or Bird Net 2000 protects your property by keeping out pest birds. Bird netting is strong and durable for buildings, balconies, garages, barns, hangars, or many other structures.

Bird netting is a very effective bird control product that is nearly invisible when installed correctly.

Exclusion products like bird screening or bird netting provide a very humane, long lasting bird control method for many different types of structures and bird problems.

Choosing the right size and color mesh bird control net for the problem species is also very important:

  • 4” mesh bird control netting keeps out gulls and other large birds;
  • 2” mesh pigeon netting keeps out pigeons;
  • 1-1/8” mesh net excludes doves, starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and similarly sized birds;
  • 3/4” bird control netting keeps out small birds, such as sparrows and swallows.

Bird net comes in Tan, Black or white, not white for long with dust and other things sticking to that net.

And because the net is available in black, white, stone (beige) the net can always be chosen in a color that will blend in with the background.

The final result should always be a secure and permanent solution that is very hard to see.


Bird Control Netting Keeps Pigeons and Pest Birds Away

Where to Use:

  • Use pest bird control netting in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening, or configuration where pest birds are to be completely excluded, including commercial buildings, hangars, open beam structures, loading docks, façades, courtyards, bridges, balconies, storefront signs, fish ponds, etc.as long as there can be a secure perimeter cable support system.

Target Bird:

  • Bird netting is effective on all species of birds when installed correctly without gaps especially in the smaller ¾” mesh net

Bird Pressure: 

  • Generally Heavy pressure sites with a lot of bird activity like nesting or roosting, but can be used anywhere complete pest bird exclusion is wanted or needed.

Bird Net Material:

  • Bird net is made up of knotted polyethylene twine, Ultra-violet stabilized polyethylene plastic 3 x 2 ply. Three groups of two strands are wrapped into a light, rope-like group of six with a breaking Strength of 44lbs – 50 lbs. per strand.
  • The bird net will not rot or absorb water and there is a flame-resistant net available.

Bird Net Guarantee

Most Black bird netting carries a 5 – 10 year warrantee because the UV properties hold up better than the Tan or White which mostly carry a 3 year in Arizona because of our extreme heat and UV


  • Bird netting is attached to a cable support system that is usually run around the wall openings to be closed and attached to the cable with net rings.

Wall attachments:

The cable support system is the heart of your netting work; if the support system is bad or installed incorrectly the entire system will fail before its time. We have found that the cable support system has to have the correct spacing or the cable will pull or bow away from the wall possibly allowing pest birds to gain access behind the bird netting especially true with the crafty little sparrows.

  • 4” mesh bird control netting needs wall attachments spaced 2’ apart or less
  • 2” mesh pigeon netting needs wall attachments spaced 16” – 24” or less
  • 1-1/8” mesh netting needs attachments spaced 12” – 16” apart
  • 3/4” bird control netting needs attachments spaced no more than 12” apart

Access behind the bird net

  • Net zippers or net clips can usually be installed in the bird netting in a method that allows for access to the enclosed areas behind the net for maintenance, changing of light-bulbs, etc.

Like most pest bird deterrent products, bird control netting is a great product when installed correctly and should provide many years of trouble free bird exclusion.

If you are having a pest bird control problem on your business or home call the Arizona bird control specialists Southwest Avian Solutions for a free inspection and evaluation at 602-942-6550

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