Pigeon Control Solutions for Parking Garage

Parking garages provide lots of great roosting and nesting sites.

Pigeon nest and poop on garage ledgePigeon feces on ground of parking garagePigeons have easy access to the ledges above the cars as well as roosting on pipes or ledges where they create a mess down the side of the building or inside on the ground where people park or walk.

Most garages are multi story and are open along the bottom where cars drive in and out making it easy for pigeons to come into the parking garage that way.



Pigeons on parking garage ledges making a messParking garages are also open from the top where the pigeons can enter from the roof top level roof which is why many times the pigeon exclusion in a parking garage needs several different methods of pigeon exclusion and pigeon proofing solutions.

Installing pigeon exclusion netting that has a 2″ opening, is black in color provides the best UV factor and lasts the longest along the side wall openings will stop pigeons from gaining entry from their favorite access points.


Pigeon netting provides a long lasting solution when it is installed correctly and you do not have people that are using the garage cutting, burning or vandalizing the net.

Even with pigeon control net the many 6″ x 54″ ledges are still open to nesting by the pigeons if they do get into the parking garage from below or from the roof top.

The recessed ledges provide a great nesting site for the pigeons as the like small ledges type places and some sort of overhang, after all they are call rock dove.

The ledges in a parking garage have several solutions some more effective than others.

People have used bird spike along the front of the ledges only to have the pigeons fly behind and start nesting there.

Custom metal bird ledge slopeSome people use bird spike to cover the entire ledges (super expensive) and find pigeons being able to get around the spike if not properly installed as well as other birds or trash built up in the spike.


We have found through trial and error that the best long term almost permanent solutions is using our custom bent metal ledge slope installed on each of the ledges which stop the main reason pigeons are in the parking garage to begin with.


Check out this short video after we installed the bird slope in a parking garage for a large trucking transportation company in there employee multi story parking garage.


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