Pigeon on owl head

Do Plastic Owls Scare Pigeons?

Can a plastic owl on your roof scare your pigeons away?

With 30 years of pigeon proofing services under my belt, If you ask me the answer is …..

But lets look at the reality of this simple question and work through what would be the real life reality to a plastic owl on your roof.

  • Pigeons are seen during the day, flying around and pooping on just about anything they land on including your home or business façade.


  • Pigeons usually like to nest somewhere they have over head cover to protect against weather and predator’s


  • Pigeon hunker down and do not fly when hawks and other birds of prey are flying overhead.


  • Pigeons do not fly at night, they hunker down and have bad night sight.


  • Owls of any type that would be large enough to have a change of catching and killing a pigeon like a Great Horned Owl usually only start flying just about dusk or during the darkness of night when the beautiful design of their feathers allow for their silence flight to swoop down and catch rodents and other nocturnal critters.


  • Plastic owls on the other hand do not move once installed, unless you are that one in a million person that moves your plastic owl around from place to place, and yea I know some of the more expensive ones have a stupid bobble head for all the good it does or goes who, who.


  • Pigeons will usually be a little weary of new items like a plastic owl or rubber snake in their environment for a short half of a minute at best, then its back to business as usual.


So my answer to the question that has plagued mankind for so, so long is…


Don’t take my word for it, check out these few pictures below.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the stupid Dixie Cup Flasher Spinner doohickeys, ill save that response for another blog post.


Plastic owls don't scare pigeons

Plastic owl with pigeon on head










Plastic owls may not scare pigeons from nesting or roosting on your home or business, but if you really want someone that will deter your pest birds from making a mess on your home or business give Southwest Avian Solutions a call or email us and see how we can provide you with humane solutions to most all of your pest bird control or pigeon removal problems with our many low profile and humane devices or solution.  

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