How do I get rid of pigeons?

How do I get rid of pigeons?

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Since 1997 we have protected people from slip and fall hazards and health issues associated with pigeons and their mess along with many types of structures from pigeon the destruction or defacing from their feces, nesting materials and associated mess. If you are having a problem with pigeons or pest birds, we have humane and affordable solutions.

Our pigeon control or removal services are safe and effective. Most of the services we provide include a 3 – 5 year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the pest birds come back, we come back.

Developing a pigeon problem is very easy if they are in the surrounding area. Getting rid of that pigeon problem gets more difficult and expensive with time because of cleaning and other problems they bring when living on your home or business. In other words to keep cost down, consumers are best served by attacking a pigeon problem early on.

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How do I get rid of Pigeons?

Front of home with pigeon problemPigeons have a long history of being a useful to man as food or their uncanny homing ability made them effective communication tools during times of war or moving messages across cities. Because of modern communication tools today this method has diminished their usefulness until today pigeons are more known for being a nuisance and health threat in most urban cities.

So getting rid of pigeons is more than just installing the latest flashy spinner gizmo on your roof and hoping it solves the problem.  The first step to long-term control is to identify and correct the conditions that allow pigeons to be roosting or nesting on your roof top or building façade.

Pigeons need a steady food supply, water, and protected shelter. In pest controls terms these are called conditions conducive to infestation.  Eliminate or alter these conditions and your problem will go away or will be greatly reduced.

Installing the latest flashy spinner gizmo is the equivalent of “treating the symptom” while ignoring the cause and is not a long term solution. Pest pigeons are adaptive. They have a knack for adapting and overcoming obstacles placed in their way when the have taken up residency (habituated) at a location.

So how do you get rid of Pigeons you may ask?

Start with identifying and correcting the conditions that are conducive to pigeons being on that site or location. Skipping or ignoring this major step will lead to a waste of valuable time, continued frustration on your part, and unneeded expenditure of hard-earned money.

What are Effective Pigeon Control Methods?

After completing the critical first step look at where or what the pigeons are hanging out on. Determine how and if that location can be closed off with some long lasting solution. Typically, bird netting and/or metal screening is used. When properly done this method is effective, provides a low visibly solution and long-term relief.

Pigeon exclusion netting is a good long term solution for many different areas on a home like overhangs and recessed Hvac units. Commercial structures netting can cover large areas of roof tops with the proper supports.

Pigeon spikes when professionally installed are great at keeping this pest birds from roosting and nesting in select areas. As we said pigeons are adaptive. Proper installation and placement is important. Improperly installed pigeon spikes make great nesting areas. Pigeon spikes can also attract smaller bird like sparrows that could nest in the pigeon spikes so watch out or that.

Using humane live catch pigeon traps is a great method to quickly reduce bird populations. The proper placement is important as is checking the traps daily. If you are considering traps they should provide shade from the sun and have a water source.  Dead and decaying pigeons are a challenge to remove.

Remember these are homing pigeons and will return to where they were trapped after being released. We know of reports where the pigeons were trapped in Phoenix, released in Tucson, and came back to its original location within a week.

Understanding Pigeon Traits

Pigeons like many pests have a mild Neophobic trait.

Pigeon sitting on plastic owlNeophobic is the fear of anything new. Understanding this explains why plastic owls, rubber snakes, windsocks, shiny spinner reflectors, etc. work for short periods of time. Given a pigeon’s mild Neophobic trait, this pest bird will eventually become comfortable and return to normal behavior and even nest right up against that plastic owl or snake.

Before installing any deterrents like netting, spikes, or screening it is important to remove nests, nesting materials and clean the pigeon feces. Pigeon poop is corrosive and is made up of pigeon pee and pigeon poop combined. It is very acidic because of the uric acid it contains. This acid is what destroys structures and even etches into roofing materials and coatings.

Bird droppings contain over 50 diseases that are easily transferable to people and pets.  Pigeon poop has a pheromone that must be removed by cleaning to keep this pest from continuously returning.

Getting rid of Pigeons is not your average do-it-yourself weekend project. It can be done; however, we really recommend saving you a lot of time and frustration by hiring a professional like Southwest Avian Solutions.  When Pigeon Control is done right it can be affordable, less visible and provide years of long term protection.

Pigeon Control Experts

At Southwest Avian Solutions the Pigeon Control Specialists in Phoenix Arizona we get requests daily for pigeon control and cleaning services from frustrated consumers who have been battling pigeon problems for years. Their bird problem has not gone away only gotten worst. They are tired of throwing money away on ineffective solutions, handyman services and exterminators.

Not all pest control exterminators are pigeon removal experts. Because In fact, few are very experienced at all or took a day long class on bird control to learn just the basics. Home owners or business owners are best served by finding an experienced pigeon expert with lots of residential or commercial experience. So less than experienced so called “experts” can provide an “attractive price” in the long run that “attractive price” will be expensive.

Southwest Avian Solutions provides solutions to residential or commercial pigeon control problems. Let us help you send your pigeon problems pack’n. Call us today for a hassle-free quote.

For more information about how do I get rid of pigeons in Phoenix Arizona give us a call at 602-942-6550 or contact us here.

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