Why Stop Pigeons Nesting On Your Home

Why stop pigeon nesting on your homes?

Pigeons can be a pest, and they can make an awful mess. But it might not be the only problem. Pigeons and other wild animals nesting in homes may also pose all kinds of potential problems. When you see a pigeon starting to build a nest, it is time to call on the experts.

Front of home with pigeon problemIn addition to being a nuisance, pigeon nesting may also have health risks if the droppings from the birds are not cleaned up regularly.

Did you know that pigeons carry 60 diseases and 40 parasites? That can pose a significant health risk to those that are living near them as these are transmittable to humans. That alone is an excellent reason to stop pigeons from nesting on your home.

Pigeons also poop 47-51 times a day. Well, that will pile up quickly! What a mess. Because of these potential health issues, many restaurants and other establishments cannot have pigeons on their rooflines, patio area, signs or worse yet if they get inside.

A pigeon feces isn’t only a health risk and a mess, but it is also acidic. This means that it will eat through paint and other building materials. It can clog your gutters and cause water back up on the roof and reduce the lifespan of your roof by as much as 20%.


Time to get rid of pigeons!

Pigeons and other pest birds like to nest in the area of a house that is close to the roof. This means that they will have a good chance of being able to lay their eggs in peace. They will often find areas that protect them from the hot sun and predators.

So we have to do something about that. They need to go live in trees where they belong and not on your home or commercial buildings or roofing systems. They also like to find a way to nest under your solar panels and can create quite the community as other pigeons join them.

Pigeons can pose a huge problem for homeowners who have pigeons nesting on their houses. This is because they can cause contamination of food, electrical installations, and even structural damage. However, we are here to help.

Pigeon removal has become our specialty. While other companies claim they are experts in the field, we actually focus on pigeon removal.

Our experienced team of pest bird experts found that pigeon removal is undoubtedly unique, and not everyone has what it takes. In fact, Southwest Avian Solutions is recommended by many solar panel companies in the area to pigeon-proof solar panels before it becomes a problem. We take the time to set everything up properly to ensure there will not be a pigeon problem on our job sites after the work is completed.

Call the pigeon removal experts today!

While pigeons pose a serious problem to various buildings, many people have no idea how to get rid of them.  Southwest Avian Solutions is the Arizona pigeon removal experts who have helped homeowners and business owners eliminate the pigeon population that is destroying their property, creating health risk, slip and fall hazards or a bad image for business owners.

Southwest Avian Solutions has a long list of products like bird netting, pigeon spike, bird shock track, chemical hazers, post and wire systems, birdy birth control and other methods to help rid your property of pest birds.

If you are interested in reduce the number of pigeons on your home or business, let us know, we would be happy to discuss your option as well.  Give us a call today at 602-942-6550 for your free inspection and let us show you how we can send your pest birds pack’n

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