Phoenix Bird Removal Services

Phoenix Bird Removal Services

Birds are a Nuisance.  We can Solve Your Bird Problem Today – Phoenix

Flock of Pigeons on wallYes, birds are beautiful and graceful, but they can be a nuisance and destructive.  Southwest Avian Solutions specializes in the latest bird control methods for residential and commercial properties across Phoenix.

Did you know, bird droppings and nests cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage annually?

Did you know, birds are potential contributors to respiratory problems, viral infections, and food poisoning?

Our Phoenix bird removal experts approach each case with care and create an individualized plan for each pest bird issue.  Contact us Southwest Avian Solutions for a free consultation. (480)969-2337 or (602)942-6550

Unchecked Bird Infestations Can Cause Real Property Damage – Phoenix, AZ

If left unchecked, nuisance birds can create health and property damage problems.  The best way to counteract the infestation is to hire our team of professionals, at Southwest Avian Solutions.

We have offered the most human removal and deterrent methods available for Phoenix residential and commercial properties since 1997.

Unfortunately, bird diseases, in Phoenix, are common.  A few of the more common diseases contracted by people are due to contact with birds or their droppings: Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, and Cryptococcosis and over 40 more can affect humans or pets.  These diseases are most commonly associated with house sparrows, starlings or pigeons.  Thus, the increased need to eliminate any bird or pigeon problem quickly from around your home or business.

Bird removal can be accomplished via several solutions such as bird spikes, bird netting, bird electrical track, etc.  Some or all of these solutions can be implemented in your Phoenix area commercial building or home.

Why Southwest Avian Solutions Bird Removal Services?

  • Our bird removal service plans work, 18,000 projects completed since 1997.
  • Our technicians are always careful of children, pets, and non-target animals.
  • We provide Humane solutions and Guaranteed results
  • We always offer reasonable solutions at affordable prices!
  • All bird control services are guaranteed

Our Phoenix bird control services include:

  • Nest and roosting area removal or exclusion
  • Exclusion using netting, screening or other low visibility methods
  • Structural modification to current or possible future roosting or nesting sites
  • Roost decontamination
  • Flock dispersal or trapping

Bird Control Service Phoenix

Not every bird control situation is the same, therefore each one must be evaluated in person by getting up on the roof and looking at all possible areas on the structure in need of bird control services.

One of our bird removal experts can provide you with a FREE on-site consultation to determine and recommend the best course of action and bird control deterrents for your Phoenix commercial or residential property.  Do not let the pest birds of Phoenix take over your home or office.

Call today to schedule your bird control service!

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