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Why Hire The Experts At Southwest Avian Solutions?

Southwest Avian Solutions

Picking the right company to exclude pest birds from a home or business can be a difficult process. There are several companies to choose from in Arizona, so you’ll need to do your research before making your decision. Here are some factors you may want to consider when researching potential bird control or removal services near you:

  • Experience with the type of pest bird, its droppings, and its behavior
  • Experience with certain types of residential or commercial buildings
  • Ability to exclude the bird without harming them
  • How long have they been around doing bird control in Arizona
  • Is bird control full time or just a side line to their other business
  • Do they guarantee their work, and back it up.
  • Insurance for liability purposes
  • Price

It would be best if you never went on price alone, as this could still leave you with a bird issue down the road. Sure, everyone can suggest to the birds that it is time to leave, and they might for a day or two…but soon they start to creep back.

You should consider hiring the professionals at Southwest Avian Solutions that have worked hard to not only exclude pest birds; this has even become our specialty since 1997. We work with homeowners, business owners and state or local governments to get those birds like pigeons, sparrows, starlings or woodpeckers away from their buildings.

Why Hire Southwest Avian Solutions?

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Southwest Avian Solutions offers pest bird control services to help rid your property of unwanted pests. We take pride in providing top-notch customer service to all of our clients by treating each job with the same attention and care as if it were our only client. We have the experience after preforming over 18,000 projects, the training and fully understand what makes each of the bird species tick. This helps us understand what bird or pigeon product will get them to leave permanently from just about any situation. Having a pigeon or pest bird problem is a very messy issue. Birds leave droppings on everything and tend to poop a lot, in fact, about 47-51 times a day for a pigeon, which can really add up, how many do you have on your roof?

Pigeons and other pest birds like to make their homes inside barns and building overhangs where they are protected from the outdoor weather, sun, and other elements. Quite frankly, who could blame them? However, they do create a real mess for building owners from not only their poop but also their nesting materials and feathers that can clog up vents, pipes and cause structural damage or roof water drain problems.

Arizona Bird Removal Experts since 1997

Here at Southwest Avian Solutions, we have perfected our bird elimination techniques in order for our clients to live pest-bird-free. While other companies claim they can get the pest birds out, quite often, they will return or the products and methods these companies use don’t hold up in the Arizona heat. We offer guaranteed long-term solutions to get your birds to go as well as keeping them gone for good.

Birds can also be a real problem for solar panel pigeon control as well. They tend to like to live under the structures of the panels and can cause the panels to quit working properly. We have worked with hundreds of clients and their solar panels to help rid them of the pigeon population that is now calling their solar panels home.

Why Hire Professionals for Your Bird Control Issues?

Some people think the only way to get rid of a bird problem is to get a shotgun. But, there are a lot of reasons why you should hire the professionals at Southwest Avian Solutions for your pest bird or pigeon control issues. For starters, Southwest Avian Solutions experts know how to deal with the issue without harming the birds, your property, or themselves. They also know which type of solutions will yield the best long term results.

We can help you understand what attracts birds and what makes them comfortable on your home or business. We can also consult with you to develop a plan that will work for your specific needs. It’s time to call the experts at 602-942-6550 and put an end to you pest bird problems!

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