Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel that works

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Pigeons and Solar Panels – What You Need to Know

What are the two things we know about birds, especially pigeons?  Birds leave a lot of excrement, otherwise known as poop and they nest.

There is no way to stop their natural functions, but there are effective ways and methods to mitigate and protect your solar panels.  Southwest Avian Solutions is extremely familiar with this dilemma and we have an effective solution.

If you have a pigeon problem or you have solar panels and need to make sure pigeon problems do not arise, Contact us at Southwest Avian Solutions today! (480)969-2337 or (602)942-6550

Why Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels

Pigeon pop under a solar panel

Poop under solar panel

Pigeons do what pigeons do.  We cannot change nature, but we can influence and motivate adjusts in pigeon activity to protect your solar panels.  Whilst this may not seem like a big issue in everyday life, it can wreak havoc on your solar panels.  A passing bird or two will not damage your solar panels in the long-run, however, pigeons nesting under them can and will.

Keeping birds away from your home solar system housing and ensuring they take their nests elsewhere is what Southwest Avian Solutions does.  Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.  Solar panels create a good shady spot protected from the elements while offering the required support for nest building.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  With pigeons and other birds, it is better to take precautions from the outset.  However, if you are experiencing problems with birds nesting in your solar panels it is not too late.

5 Steps to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Solar panel that has been screened

Solar panel pigeon screening

Want to prevent pigeons in your solar panels? We have put together some helpful steps Southwest Avian Solutions can do to convince them to go somewhere else:

Bird Mesh Installation – Bird control screening / mesh has proven itself as one of the most effective pigeon-proofing options for your home solar systems.  Bird screen is specifically designed to seal the 8″ gap area between the roof tile and solar panel under your solar panels by custom made clips that attach directly to the solar panels and hold the bird screen in place, running around the edges of the entire array.  It allows for airflow while making it difficult for birds to construct nests beneath the panels.

Roof Spike Installation – Yes, spikes are not the most attractive option available for keeping birds away, however, they have proven to be highly effective.  Stainless steel roof spikes are designed to make it uncomfortable for pigeons to roost on or around your solar panels.  As a result, spikes keep birds from hanging around long enough to make a nest or a mess. Not to be used to prevent pigeons going under the solar panels

Plastic Predators or Reflective Spinners – Pigeons and other birds have natural predators.  Imitating birds of prey, via plastic casts, may seem old-fashioned, yet it is still sometimes effective short term.  Simply installing a fake owl with a head that swivels in the breeze can effectively and convincingly scare birds away for a short while. There are also automated bird flash spinners available that have proven to be even more effective but not long term.

Keep Your Panels Clean – It is highly recommended to periodically clean the area around your solar panels to make it unattractive to bird congregating.  Trash and debris build up quickly, especially on flat roofs.  If you have rubbish bins around your house, store trash under a lid or in tightly sealed plastic bags.  Remember also to clean up pet food around the house and store anything birds might want to eat in bins with fitted lids.

Solar Panel Maintenance – Solar panel system maintenance is important and maintaining it in good working order will make it that much less vulnerable to bird nests and droppings.  Regular cleaning and repair of cracks or mounts will go a long way.  Having your solar panels professionally serviced is vital to ensure long-term functionality.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels is Essential

Pigeon proofing your solar panels is an essential part of keeping them clean and safe for long term functionality.  Southwest Avian Solutions is the leading expert in pigeon proofing solar panels and looks to help you maintain the operational functionality of your solar panels.  Contact our team of experts and protect your solar panels.

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