Pigeons on solar panels

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

 Why Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Works

Solar panel full of pigeon poop that is falling outPigeons can cause damage to solar panels by leaving droppings on the surface that can create hazardous conditions for humans who try to clean. They also pose a risk of damaging the panels themselves by sitting on them, which can cause scratching.  Their nesting materials can get all bunched up in the solar panels and draw in other pests simultaneously.

Solar panels work by capturing light and converting it into electricity, which is then used to power homes, cars, and other devices. These solar panels are usually mounted on rooftops or large buildings.

Pigeons are attracted to these structures because they offer shelter from predators and food (i.e., insects). They also absorb heat so they can be warm on chilly desert nights.  Problem is solar panels have no problems attracting pigeons. However, we need to work to get them out and keep them out.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels is something that most homeowners don’t think of when they first purchase their solar panels.  However, it’s necessary to keep pigeons out of your solar panels for them to work correctly.

Cleaning solar panels is tricky, especially if you are dealing with birds’ nests and droppings.  Pigeon droppings have been known to break down roofing materials.  In fact, a roof with pigeon droppings will have a significantly lower lifespan by about 20% than one that does not—another good reason to show the birds the boot.

Show those pest birds the door!

Once the word is out that there is a perfect nesting spot, your pigeon population will soon take off, and you will have a huge problem on your hands. Pigeons tend to flock together and love to roost under solar panels and will undoubtedly tell their friends.  If you have found yourself in this situation and need help, you can count on us.

Solar panel proofing while being tied offOur Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing service experts will come in and clean out the roosting areas of the pigeons.  We work carefully to not harm your roof or solar panels by using long extension wands and pressure washers.  We first take the time to remove as much as we can and bag up the nesting debris and feces of the birds to carry away.

Bird feces carry over 60 different types of disease and 40 parasites that can harm humans and pest. We don’t want to leave that mess on your front lawn.  We will bag everything as well as we can to not expose anyone to this problem.  Everything will get cleaned from under the solar panels to the sides and roof.  When we are done, everything will look great.

While we take this extra time and effort, many of our competitors have been known to cut corners.  They only clean the areas you can see. That leaves bird feces, nesting materials and maybe even dead birds and old eggs on your roof, rotting it out.  We don’t want that. We want your solar panels and roof to last for many years.

Once everything is clean and clear, we start the process of pigeon-proofing your solar panels with our long lasting galvanized screen materials and our custom made clips that won’t harm the solar panel when attached to the solar panels.

This will keep the pigeons out for many years to come and allow you to enjoy your solar power without the worry of pest birds nesting under your solar panels.

Why Choose Southwest Avian Solutions?

Many solar panel installation companies in the area are recommending our services after installation.  Local solar panel companies have started to recognize us as experts in the pigeon proofing solar panel field.

We take the time to thoroughly clean the pigeon mess and install our pigeon proofing system that since 1997 has proven to work time and time again.

If you have pigeon problems or other bird pest control problems under your solar panels, on areas of your home or even on your business or commercial structure give Southwest Avian Solutions a call right away.


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