Pigeon Removal Services Phoenix

Pigeon Removal Services Phoenix

Pigeon Problem?  Remove Them Today!

Have pigeons become a problem for your Phoenix home or office?

If so, Southwest Avian Solutions can help.  As the leading pigeon removal service in Phoenix since 1997 and the surrounding area, we are dedicated to helping home and business owners.  Our team of experts have many years of experience with over 18,000 projects completed and fully understand the need to remove and solve the pigeon problem.

If you have a pigeon problem or you have solar panel pigeon problem and need to make sure problems do not arise, Contact us at Southwest Avian Solutions today!

The Low Down on Pigeons and the Problems They Cause – Phoenix, AZ

Pigeon flock on roof top

Pigeon droppings deface roofs, monuments, and public spaces.  The white material in pigeon droppings, which is uric acid, is not only unsightly but can also significantly damage the finish on buildings and automobiles.  Dangerous fungi and bacteria are found in droppings and are potentially harmful to humans and pets. Additionally, pigeons carry over 50 diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans.

The favorite place to roost, for pigeons, is in the attics and roof line overhang of homes, businesses, and school buildings and under the housing or panels of solar panels.  Why is this a problem?  Simply, structural damage.  Pigeon droppings can cause major structural damage or rain water backups.  If you have a pigeon problem, it is important to contact Southwest Avian Solutions quickly.  You will be glad that you did.

Pigeon Facts – Phoenix

To understand the damage pigeons can cause, it is important to review some pigeon facts.

  • Pigeons roost in numbers or flocks. If you see one pigeon at your Phoenix home or business, you most likely have a whole family.
  • Pigeons are attracted to trash and debris. The suggestion here is to keep your backyard and business clean.
  • Pigeons prefer to live in urban areas because of the lack of natural enemies, which results in increase reproduction. Increased reproduction leads to overpopulation, which naturally leads to increased property damage and higher disease rates among pigeons.
  • The average, well-fed pigeon can amazingly deposit up to 25 pounds of droppings annually. Droppings are high in nitrogen and are perfect for growing fungus.  When inhaled, these fungal spores can lead to the contraction of the lung disease histoplasmosis.  Do not let droppings accumulate.

The Phoenix Pigeon Removal Experts

Southwest Avian Solutions has been effectively trapping and removing pigeons across Phoenix and the surrounding area for years.  A property inspection is our first step in the removal process.  Property entry and weak spot identification.  Followed by the placement of proper traps in their roosting, loafing, or feeding sites.  Once the pigeons are removed, our experts clean, disinfect and add exclusion deterrents to any areas that were affected by the pigeons.

Finally, we repair the entry sites and any other weak areas and install exclusion materials, including spikes, netting, or other pigeon deterrents, as needed.  Remember, a pigeon problem can get out of control quickly, which can result in property damage and potential health issues.

Call the Phoenix experts, at Southwest Avian Solutions, to handle all aspects of your pigeon control issue today.

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